SportsEngine Registration: Northbrook Bluehawks

Fall 2019-20


Welcome to the Northbrook Bluehawks' 2019-2020 registration site!

Each player must first register with USA Hockey for 2019-20. You may then return to this form to register with the Bluehawks.

Step 1: Click here to go to USA Hockey and register your player(s). Be sure to PRINT and SAVE each player's unique 2019-20 USA Hockey confirmation number. Remember to register EACH of your players separately with USA Hockey; each player must have his or her own unique USA Hockey confirmation number.

Step 2: Return to this registration form and proceed. Later in this registration process you will need to enter the USA Hockey confirmation number you received in Step 1. You will not be able to proceed without it.

This registration form will request contact information, player intentions, and payment information. Please read each page carefully to ensure that information is filled out completely and accurately.


Hockey-related questions should be addressed to:

Rich Blakey

Director of Hockey

Phone: 262-497-0705

Procedural questions should be addressed to:

Brad Walker