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NBHL Spring 2020 Skills Sessions


NBHL Spring 2020 Skills Sessions Registration

Northbrook Hockey recognizes that families are interested in varying commitments to hockey during the spring season. Some children play other sports and want, or only have time for, hockey a couple of days a week while others want more ice time. With that in mind, Northbrook Hockey is offering once weekly skills sessions for all levels Squirt through Bantam to be led by Zach Loesch and Cody Murphy. These sessions are not included in the NBHL spring programming and participants DO NOT have to be registered for a NBHL spring hockey season to attend these sessions. Enrollment will be limited to 25, and the times posted on the website. The cost is $120 for six sessions.  You are registering for all six sessions per age group, there are no refunds for missed sessions.


USA Hockey Requirement

You must have a current USA Hockey registration number to register (unless you are a 2011 birth year). If you registered this past fall or winter, your registration is still valid. Have that number available when you begin registration. (Only Squirts with 2011 birth years may wait until April 1, 2020 to register with USA Hockey; all other players must have a current USA Hockey confirmation number in order to register now.) If you do not have a confirmation number, please register at USA Hockey and then return back to this page.


Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Hockey related questions should be addressed to:

Rich Blakey

NBHL Hockey Director

Phone: (262) 497-0705

Registration related questions should be addressed to:

Randall Bobula

NBHL Registration Admin

Phone: 312-287-0116